How I Organize My Recipes

I'm a paper and pencil kind of gal.  Sure I store a lot of data online or on my laptop, but when it comes to recipes, I still like cookbooks and magazines.  Sometimes my computer is slow or I can't find something I pinned or I don't like setting my laptop up in the kitchen while I cook.  All that to say, I like my paper recipes. But that paper can get out of control and can be hard to organize.  Here is my easy solution that works for me and helps me find what I need. I have the recipes … [Read more...]

Sometimes Being Brave Means Saying No

The ballet shoes haven't been touched in weeks.  Donut won't even play with them, won't even look at them.  We signed her up for a summer ballet camp.  It seemed so natural to enroll her--she loves music, loves to dance. The first class wasn't fun.  She didn't want to go in the room without me so instructor asked me to stay.  It was a 2 hour camp but I stayed.  She was near tears the entire class and barely danced.  Her movements were limp and unenthusiastic.  "She's just nervous," I kept … [Read more...]

Begin Again

I know, I sort of disappeared.  Only I didn't.  Maybe I did from the blog, but I was more present at home, in front of people.  But wow, were these past few months busy and rushed and frantic and hectic.  I didn't mean to neglect my blog here and I certainly didn't mean to neglect writing and creating.  For a long time I wasn't feeling inspired.  And things always felt so frantic:  the endless juggling of meals, laundry, dishes, buttoning princess dresses and pulling out stray toy cars from … [Read more...]

Making Mom’s Life Easier

I have been invited to partner with LG's VIP Blogger Program and couldn't be more excited to be an #LGMom!  This post is part of a series of posts I will be writing under the sponsorship of LG. As busy moms, we could all use extra help in our day-to-day home management.  I know I could always use an extra set of hands.  But since that's not always possible, especially during the week, I'm grateful for innovations and appliances that help me save time and effort. There is always something … [Read more...]

Love Lessons

I don't feel like I really know much of marriage.  When my friend Laura asked me to write about marriage for her #WritingVows series, I felt lost.  What could I possibly write about?  I don't have any earth shattering words of wisdom, I still struggle and stumble every day.  Marriage is hard, hard work!  But maybe in my short years of marriage, I've learned a few things.  And I learn and grow all the time.  Please join me at Laura's blog today as I share a little bit of what I know about … [Read more...]