Neighborly Love

{source} My husband declared a moratorium on me bringing meals to friends or families from church.  I was really upset about and fought him on it.  After all, people had been incredibly generous with us when we needed meals:  through Mr. DIH's illness last spring, the birth of a new baby, and a two week bout with RSV and the flu.  Wasn't it our turn to serve others? What good is to serve others, my husband asked, if I was doing at the expense of my family? Here I was, trying to cook 2 … [Read more...]

ABC Toddler Matching Game {Download}

I wanted to find an easy matching alphabet game for Donut, but instead of searching the internet and Pinterest for hours and getting drawn into other interesting posts and pins and ending up looking at a fabulous ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe, I decided to make my own game. I wanted to keep it simple but be educational for her.  She's starting to recognize letters and I wanted a fun way for her to stay engaged.  I pull out this game every once in a while for her and we work on it … [Read more...]

Ok Moms, It’s Time to ‘Fess Up

I have been invited to partner with LG's VIP Blogger Program and couldn't be more excited to be an #LGMom!  This post is part of a series of posts I will be writing under the sponsorship of LG. Mother's Day has come and gone and that means back to the daily grind.  Sure it was nice to not cook for a day and not do (most of) the cleaning and dishes and diapers and baths...Hey, we moms do an awful lot, holiday or not.  And I love it, I honestly do.  But yes, it's really hard and stressful and … [Read more...]

You Will Miss These Days

I confess that I get really cranky when my house is a mess.  And it's a mess more often than not.  I got upset when I almost tripped over a doll crib that was left out in the middle of the living room walkway along with about a hundred baby blankets. Let's not even talk about the gazillion pieces of toy play food.  For some reason all the pieces like to migrate away from the play kitchen and end up on my dining table, in Ziploc baggies stashed all over the house or in the … [Read more...]

H-E-B Diapers: New Design & Fit

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of H-E-B Baby Diapers. I've mentioned here about how I like to use cloth diapers on my baby.  But the majority of the time, we do use disposable diapers because of their ease and convenience.  I'm always looking out for a good bargain, but don't want to sacrifice absorption, fit or gentleness next to my baby's skin. Recently, I was invited to try the newly redesigned H-E-B baby diapers for my son, who is now almost 10 months old.  He and I … [Read more...]