I Should’ve Known

October was just a busy, busy month for our family.  While I like having activities planned, I don’t like the constant buzz of busyness that comes with it.

One day last week, Donut and I didn’t have anything planned.  I was looking forward to a day at home, just the two of us.

Some things I’ve been looking forward to doing with little D were crafts and baking.  Perfect, I thought.  Let’s have a fun mommy-daughter day!

First, we decorated Donut’s little pumpkin.

This was fun because it provided seconds upon seconds of entertainment.  Oh wow, it’s only 9am, huh?

Well, I know!  Let’s bake!  Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!

I quickly got out ingredients, measured and poured into the bowl.  I let Donut stir the dry ingredients.  Because I thought she’d like it.  She did–a little too much.  She was angry that I wouldn’t let her dump the flour on the floor and screamed when I wrestled the bowl and spoon from her little paws.

No worries, I’ll just finish mixing the dry ingredients.  After that, I let her line the muffin pan.

When that was done, she decided she didn’t need pants anymore.

I started measuring the wet ingredients.  In the middle of measuring, she decided that pants needed to be on and they needed to be ON NOW!

Pants on.  Wet ingredients poured into Sally the Stand Mixer.  As I’m mixing, I hear her yell “Diaper! Halp! Change!”  Ok, baby, I said it, just give mama one minute.  As I continued mixing, her cries became more frantic and she started pulling at my legs and yelling “MamaMamaMama!.  Hold on, I kept saying.  But she kept swatting at me and screaming.  Finally in exasperation, I looked down.

There, peeking out of her left pant leg, was her diaper.  She’d somehow taken it off and shaken it loose down her left leg.  While her pants were on.  I still can’t figure it out.

I guess when you have an at-home day, pants and diapers are optional.

With a huge sigh, I stopped everything and carried her to her room to put on a fresh diaper and lecture her about the importance of keeping her clothes on.

By my estimate, muffins that were supposed to take 10 minutes to prep took about 2 hours.  Which meant 2 hours closer to nap time, thankfully.

Maybe I’ll wait until she’s a little older to try the craft and baking day again.  But I have to say, the muffins actually turned out to be pretty good.  As for the cleanup afterwards…

This is Donut “helping” in the kitchen.

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  1. Her hair is growing in so pretty!

    It does take forever to get anything done with them, doesn’t it? You just have to ignore the clock I guess. It ticks too fast anyway.
    Julie recently posted..Watching the horse race #iPPP

  2. I had to laugh! And I have yet to bake with my 2 kids. Scares me! Lol

  3. Which is why I bake during nap time and at 10pm. 🙂
    Alison recently posted..I Remember Her

  4. Ha! She would LOVE our house. Clothe are totally optional here. Except for the baby….he’s figured out how to take his diaper off, so you know….we have to make sure that’s impossible.

    I totally get the “hey, that craft was five minutes of fun!” Isn’t that always the way? Unless it’s something you don’t really want to be doing!?!
    Greta Funk recently posted..Looking back on four years. #iPPP

  5. What a little cutie!
    My kids are 15 and 11 now and this year they will be baking their own cookies… I’m sure I’ll get to do the clean-up, though 😉
    Visiting from ippp
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted..Growing up

  6. I remember the diaper down the pants. Lately, I always have little hands “helping” when I bake. It’s not as relaxing as it used to be. 🙂
    Susi recently posted..Hopscotch… {Wordless Wednesday}

  7. Wow, this is too funny. Not often do I actually ‘LOL’. I keep trying to bake with my 23 month old. Usually doesn’t go so well…

  8. I know that “counting the time until naptime” phenomenon! I haven’t tried baking with Baguette yet, because I’m pretty sure that things would go just like this, and she’s a bit older than Donut (if memory serves). But I do want to teach her how to cook!
    Tragic Sandwich recently posted..Thankful Thursday: Family

  9. Ah, such is live parenting a toddler. Sounds like Nat.
    Ali recently posted..There Were Costumes, Candy and a Dog Dressed Like a Lion

  10. I baked chocolate banana bread and had attempted to get my son interested in it. All he wanted to do was lick the bowl and stick his face in the flour jar.
    Kimberly recently posted..Day 3: Life Outside The Walls

  11. This sounds like baking at my house. The best part is licking the spoon at the end.
    Barbara recently posted..Three years….

  12. I thought diapers and pants were optional at all times, not just at home???? 😉
    Missy | The Literal Mom recently posted..If the Psychic Said It, It Must be True, Right?

  13. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    Super Cute! Sounds like while you doing some baking your little gal enjoy herself too. She is so cute and she really enjoy playing with her own self.
    Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..Brisbane Bifold Doors Newmarket – Quality Brisbane Bifold Doors Supplying Newmarket Area

  14. I know that diaper down the pants thing. My 21 month old loves taking off his nappy these days and going on the floor! Baking with the little ones is a lot of fun, a bit hair raising and boy, I could do without the clean up 🙂
    Mama, Hear Me Roar recently posted..I am learning, still.

  15. Aww it’s such a tiny little pumpkin. So cute!
    Rach recently posted..A very early holiday dinner!

  16. yeah, those exciting things we plan for the kids….they never want to do them. Instead they insist on something else.
    Jessica recently posted..When Ocean and Plastic Collide

  17. Ah yes, I keep thinking that baking with the kids will be fun, something that we can share together . . . turns out it is really frustrating for all involved. But we just keep trying because one day, one day, it will be a fond memory!
    Jenn@Fox in the City recently posted..Ignoring the Negative Because of the Positive

  18. LOL. So been there. BG does love to mix and dump, but I have to be very careful about letting her do it. And the seconds upon seconds of entertainment? Perfect!
    story recently posted..It’s not her, it’s me

  19. Hilarious!

    I aim to bake about once a week. It actually turns out to being once a month or less. Because seriously? It is an all-day event when you’ve got babies to take care of!
    Laura recently posted..Not My Finest Hour