Life’s Lessons: I Need My Beauty Sleep

I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad that it’s Friday.  In addition to sleeping in tomorrow, Friday also means….Life’s Lessons!

1.  I’m SO tired y’all.

2.  As I wrote last week, I was spoiled for 3 weeks with having lots of extra help with Donut.

3.  This week I was flying solo everyday, including a few nights.

4.  And Donut is more active than ever, walking around, getting into every.single.thing in the house.

5.  And grinding goldfish crackers into dust.  On my floor.

6.  I’m grateful God made it so that babies would nap and go to bed early.

7.  Can you believe I actually miss those newborn days?  Even though they were rough, at least all I had to do was hold her & I could just sit and read a book or watch tv.

8.  Now she tries to rip the pages from my book, she changes the channel on the tv, and she thinks my phone is hers.

9.  She’s a little diva.

10.  And very much a girly girl.  Forget the bracelets.  This week, she’s obsessed with necklaces, thanks to our sweet friend Lindsay who sent some goodies our way.

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m getting some sleep.

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  1. Life As Wife says:

    I love the color of your couch (and Donut is pretty cute too!)
    Life As Wife recently posted..Little Boy, Little Man

  2. Aw, she is such a girly girl!!

    Happy sleeping 🙂
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..This Blog and I

  3. I love it!

  4. Oh my Nolan does the same thing! He’ll want some goldfish only for me to find them all over the floor! And he just handed me the remote b/c Mickey Mouse wasn’t on! We’ve got some toddlers on our hands!
    Natalie recently posted..The Joy of Traveling with Babies

  5. I know what you mean. This age is when I really started doubting that I was ever going to be able to handle Natalie. I’ve had the week from hell. I’ll trade you one crazy mother, a sick mother in law and a pissy husband for one Donut.
    Ali recently posted..WTF Wednesday – The "Good Self Esteem or Totally Delusional" Edition

  6. Ah the goldfish crushed into the floor. Hate to break it to you honey, but it gets worse. 🙂
    Lisa recently posted..Life’s Lessons: I have a 3 year old edition

  7. Hope you got a good night’s sleep! Baby Donut is at such a fun age…fun but exhausting, I know!
    My boys are 6 and 7 now, so it’s only me making myself exhausted these days. Was up late trying to get my small business launched. What I learned this week is what not to name your company…so I’m linking that up here. Hope it “qualifies!”
    Jen {at} take2mommy recently posted..What Not to Name Your Business

  8. My goodness that is a beautiful baby!

    She might be changing the channels on the TV now, but before you know it she’s gonna be asking for the car keys.

    I know, I know. You didn’t need or want to hear that, did you?

    Love. =)
    Carrie recently posted..I never thought a man would understand women. Until I became, well…older.

  9. She is a ridiculously gorgeous little girl. I love that she loves jewelry. I hear you on the baby days….it’s EXHAUSTING running after the little ones who can walk and LUke does this thing where he flings himeself on the floor when he doesn’t want to do something. So annoying and not cute at all 🙂
    Amanda Austin recently posted..Celebrity Roundup: Another day, another…

  10. Sometimes, I miss the days when I could just plop a baby in a pack ‘n’ play!
    Shell recently posted..Things They Can’t Say: Scary Mommy

  11. Oh yes, fun times… It’s an exciting but also over whelming time because they just want to figure everything out. Hang in there. And sweet dreams. Hope you get some rest!!!!
    Susi recently posted..Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun

  12. Oh My Word…. Love it!!! She is so cute…. Here’s to a restful weekend for you my friend 🙂
    Sara recently posted..Life’s Lessons: Vacay Edition

  13. Sleep is something you will lack for awhile. Sorry to break it to you.

    Take naps whenever you can. One day, she will stop napping. It’s really not fun.
    Jessica recently posted..When Public School Isn’t Enough

  14. She is such a cutie! I’d hate to tell you this but the divaness only increases. My 3 yr old is ridiculous and I know it is only going to get worse.

  15. OMG I hear you. I so hear you.
    story recently posted..The mirror

  16. Oh isn’t it so bittersweet this stage? And how are you supposed to stay angry at one so flipping adorable???

  17. Be still my heart! I hope you get much needed sleep. I helped out my friend this week, watching her sweet kiddos. I have never been more exhausted!
    Sarcasm Goddess recently posted..I’m a Fool. Are You?

  18. My daughter is into bracelets and necklaces too. Love it.
    Donut is growing so fast.

  19. We have a death of the nap over here in the house of Chunky.
    It died.
    So did my me time.
    I need me time to recharge. Sigh.
    Loving your Donut. She’s so adorable.
    Kimberly recently posted..Spring Cleaning: Green Works Giveaway


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