Monday Listicles: A 48 Hour Free Pass but I’m Honestly Confused About How I’d Spend It

I finally got organized enough to participate in Stasha’s Monday Listicles again. Today’s topic was chosen by The Mommy Padawan.  She actually chose 2 topics but I’ve decided to go with the second one:  You have 48 hours free of all responsibilities and unlimited cash, what 10 things would you do, places you’d go, etc.

As usual, I over-analyzed this scenario and couldn’t decide what to do, so I came up with a couple of scenarios.  Not to mention that if I had unlimited funds, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with myself because I’ve never even come remotely close to that lifestyle.  Ok, anyways, enough yammering…

1.  I would arrange to fly my parents down so they could hang out with Donut for my free 48 hour pass.  She adores her grandparents and they are the only ones she doesn’t freak out on when I leave.

2.  Then, I’d sleep in until the unheard of hour of 8 AM.

3.  I’d roll out of bed and roll myself to the spa where I’d indulge in a massage, mani-pedi, a facial and a hairstyle.  Mama hasn’t indulged in beauty in a loooong time.

4.  Lunch somewhere fancy.  I don’t know where because I’ve never done anything fancy for lunch, but I’m sure you can imagine it.  I.e. no turkey sandwiches for lunch today!

5.  After lunch, I’d have a driver (oh yeah, I hired a driver, btw) drive me to the Fancy Schmancy mall here in town where I’d have an appointment with a personal shopper who’d outfit me in the latest styles.  No yoga pants would be involved, I promise.

6.  Dinner at another Expensive Restaurant with my husband.  Unless we were in a tiff that day, in which case I’d call my best girlfriends and we’d go have yummy appetizers and drinks at the hippest downtown lounge.

7.  OR.  Scenario #2 would involve waking up super early to catch a flight to NYC, one of my favorite cities.

8.  As soon as I’d arrive, I’d meet up with my friend Jen and we’d go explore the city and by explore, I mean shop our little hearts out.  Can you tell I’m desperate for a new wardrobe?

9.  Afterwards, you guessed it, I’m heading to an Expensive Restaurant (clearly I have no clue what it’s like to eat at a place that doesn’t have high chairs and entrees over $10.99 with complimentary chips and salsa).

10.  And the best part is taking in some Broadway shows.  I love Broadway shows and could watch them all day long.  In fact, that’s what I’ll do the next day before heading home.

Ok, but honestly?  Writing this list was really, really hard.  I don’t really care for fancy restaurants, I’m not into designer clothing.  The only thing I love is travel.  But when it comes down to it–I just want to spend time with my family.

But I would pay good money to have the house cleaned.

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  1. Hahaha!!! You’re too funny. I would love to have a personal shopper outfit me with a new wardrobe…oh, and a clean house. That would be awesome 🙂
    Runnermom-jen recently posted..Running is my Super Power

  2. I would love a new wardrobe. And to indulge in some beauty routine. Sigh. We can dream, can’t we?
    Kimberly recently posted..What Else Could Go Wrong?

  3. It would take the full 48 hours and the unlimited funds to clean my house. Skip that, let’s hit 42nd street.
    paul recently posted..The Ultimate Blog Hop

  4. I would hire a personal chef to cook a year’s worth of yummy meals.

    Then I’d fly to the States to meet all of you! (though I’d need more like 480 hours to see everyone)
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..This Is About Blogging Again…. and Thank You

  5. So you are saying yoga pants are not fancy?! Dang! I love how simple and food rich your list is. Not to mention good times with friends and a lover. Hope you do get this list fulfilled. Really I can see it in your future ( OK maybe with gap and little mom and pop place, but I see it!!)
    Stasha recently posted..Monday Listicles

    • I suppose I could make the yoga pants fancy by adding some rhinestones on them, no? Food really is very important over here–I love to eat well.

  6. 48 hours of unlimited cash is plenty of time to start stockpiling enough of it so that I could pack us all up and move us back to Texas! Where Texans belong. Have fun in NYC with Jen!
    Julie recently posted..Monday Meals: Church food

  7. I like both scenarios and your choices were perfect. I would die for a house keeper!
    Bruna recently posted..super wonderful me

  8. I’d pay good money for a clean house too. But your 48 hours sounds lovely. A spa, a reataurant, no kids for a short while…I could totally live with that!

  9. I would pay to have someone clean the house while I went out for cocktails. Oh yeah, and I’d pay someone to watch the kids or fly mom up to do it.
    Jessica recently posted..This Summer Will Be Much Cooler

  10. Your list was great, but the ending was sweet. I love to hang with my crew too!! And I would definitely hire someone to clean my house—no question. Erin
    Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms recently posted..A Hit and A Miss: The Monday Listicle Game

  11. LOL. I think if I had a free day I would spend a lot of it sleeping or reading or in my own bathtub. But if I could pay someone to put away my laundry, that would be great.
    story recently posted..Time out

    • I was going to say I’d spend the day reading and drinking tea, but I figured I gotta get out of the house while I have the chance.

  12. Colletta says:

    Oh, yes. I hired a cleaning service to overhaul the house while I’m out and about for my 48 hours 🙂

    Here’s my list:

    Colletta recently posted..Free Time Free Money ~ Monday Listicles

  13. Screw the house cleaning and go to NYC!
    Great list!
    Jackie recently posted..Not to be Modest….

  14. Ok this is an amazing list! I love plan one and could so see myself doing that…but plan 2 is pretty awesome too!
    Natalie recently posted..Join Me on an Adventure…

  15. Oh, these things are always so fun to imagine. The trip to NYC sounds amazing. Let’s do that! Bring on the Broadway!

  16. I like the last one…paying the house to be cleaned really well. That does sound like heaven as does the rest of your suggestions.

  17. Can I screw the 48 hour pass and just have the cleaning lady all the time?
    Lisa recently posted..This is why we are failing.

  18. I bet Jen would love to see you. 48 hours isn’t enough time to get some good traveling in, but NYC sounds like a good choice. 🙂
    Kim recently posted..Photo Feedback: Week 12

  19. Love the list! I also flew family in during my 48 hours, also for my own personal agenda. *snickers* Following you on Twitter!
    YoliDreams recently posted..48 Hours And Unlimited Money…. what would you do?

  20. Yeah, it’s fun to daydream a little, but having the house cleaned by someone else, and really well? That would be fabulous!
    Just Jennifer recently posted..It’s my Blogoversary, but Nevermind

  21. I like the New York idea but a spa day would just be heavenly.
    Susi recently posted..Skewered Halo {Blog Tour}

  22. I must admit I actually prefer family time, too – maybe with a few hours of my own time when I need it in there!
    Katie E recently posted..Magazine Day: Catching Up

    • Yes, that’s what I realized as I was writing this, that I didn’t really want to be too far away from them at all. Just a few hours and a clean house is all I ask!

  23. I would spend one day shopping an amazing awesome house fully furnished by some awesome designer– might not live in that house quite yet though because little kids and nice things don’t really work– but I would get it with this unlimited money- then the next day lots of clothes shopping. 🙂
    Emmy recently posted..Ten Things to Smile About: April

  24. Great list! I would totally move into a spa, and get the longest massage known to mankind!

  25. I could easily steal your list. Easily. And not think twice about it.

    What a heavenly 48 hours. Wow.

    Heck, I’d be tickled pink just to get the mani/pedi without rushing myself because while I’m sitting there I’m busy thinking of alllll the other stuff I should be doing.
    Carrie recently posted..Steer clear of sky-high bookcases and ass-breathers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  26. Ha ha ha I debated putting a housecleaner on my list too! And I really want some new clothes!
    Audrey recently posted..Monday Listicles – Double Topics

  27. Hee! Amen to that last line!

    (Also? I think my day would involve sleep and chocolate and possibly more sleep. Is that wrong?!)
    Galit Breen recently posted..Bringing Home A Third Baby

  28. Me too, me too – I would spend money on hiring someone to clean.
    Kim recently posted..Sick days

  29. I love how you did your list! I had a terrible time deciding which list to do and then asked my husband to do the 48 hour one as well! I am a classic over-analyzer myself – haha! Your lists sound wonderful, it’s so cool how many moms included spa time, love it! I would totally have a driver take me shopping (with Tim Gunn that is!) to get my new, stylish wardrobe! Then I’d probably come home and put my sweats on. Great list!
    Anna recently posted..You’re Speaking My Language

  30. Going to fancy restaurants would definitely be high on my list! I love a) not cooking for myself; b) not cleaning up afterwards; c) drinking all sorts of lovely wines and/or cocktails; and d) eating absolutely delicious foods. The only thing I do not like is spending the money. Soooooo, going out to the fancy restaurants never happens. Sometimes we do McDonald’s drive-thru. Or pizza. We’re super posh.
    Laura recently posted..Mama Home

  31. I am with you! I would definitely love to have someone deep clean my house, haha!
    Rach recently posted..How well do you know me?


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