On Those Days

I was chatting with my friend Alexandra on Twitter this week, telling her that I’d been up and down for quite some time now.  She confessed that she too, still struggles some mornings with depression.

We talked about how to get through those rough days and what we can do to make ourselves feel better.  She then challenged me to focus on serving others and to also write a blog post about the small things we do to bring a smile & some calm to our anxious hearts.

I know many of my blogging friends are struggling with depression, anxiety and PPD and I want to invite you to share what you do on those dark days to let some light in. Maybe we can encourage one another and share some great ideas.


Here are a few of the things I like to do that give me a little bit of a boost when I’m feeling low:

1.  Curl up with my Kindle and read a fun novel.

2.  Cook.  Making something fancy makes me feel accomplished.

3.  Enjoy a glass of wine with a piece of dark chocolate.

4.  Sit on the couch with Mr. DIY and watch TV.

5.  Write.

6.  Wear a deep red shade of lipstick.

7.  Do a craft:  sew, knit, crochet.

8.  Hug my baby girl.

9.  Read Ann Voskamp’s blog.

10.  Sit or walk in the sun.

Now it’s your turn to share your simple feel good trick.  Let’s share with the other moms and lift each other up.


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  1. Alexandra is a wise one. And a good friend.

    I do love the idea of focusing on others to serve up a little sweet.

    What makes me feel better? A hot cup of tea and a little me time to read some blog posts and share some comment love. A long hot shower. Playing with my son. Chatting to my good friends on Twitter/ via text on the phone.

    A little self-care goes a long way. Keep doing it Rach, you’ll get through the days, one step at a time.
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..Rocking This Motherhood Gig

  2. This is so great, Rach.

    I can’t wait to hear the ideas that are going to come in. And I also think a page, or a tab, across the top here, called “Ways PPD Warrios Fight The Blues.” PPD survivors/strugglers could know to come here when they have no idea what to do…and we all have those days. All of us.

    I am excited.

    My go to survival kit:

    1. George Lopez on YouTube.

    2. Brian Regan on YouTube.

    3. A pop music radio station.

    4. I plaster a fake smile on my face no matter how fake it feels and don’t take it often my face for nothin’. I keep it on and before you know it I start to laugh because it’s so ridiculously sadly funny that I have to do it. Cracks me up. Every time.


  3. Oh, how I love this.

    I do a lot of the same things as you – read, unplug, cook, go for a walk, exercise, snuggle, read/watch/do something to LAUGH.

    (This is a fabulous idea and post. Hat tip, girl!)
    Galit Breen recently posted..The Scary Mommy Book Review & Giveaway!

  4. I definitely have up and down days too. I like to unplug, read, get outside, and play with the kids when I’m feeling down. Exercising also helps me a lot!
    Kimberly recently posted..A Big Announcement

  5. Lipstick always makes me feel better- but I like the natural, low-key pinks!!! My boys don’t really get this – but I do. You’ve nailed all my #1 choices – but a pint of Marble Slab Key lime and Dark Chocolate ice cream, listening to Ina Garten’s calm voice in her quiet house cook delicious meals – and Ann’s ideas of looking for those blessings – now that has really helped. It’s like needing something to just ride out that wave:(
    bluecottonmemory recently posted..The Runaway’s Hope in a God-Made Ladder

  6. I love this post. A cup of coffee by myself, a long talk with a good friend, a long shower. Hmmm. This is tough for me!
    story recently posted..The mirror

  7. Oh I really love this and that picture is amazing, good choice!
    Little things that make me happy: snuggling on the couch with a comfy blanket; reading a book; chocolate; flowers; working or walking or sitting in my garden.
    Mirjam recently posted..Flowers and sunshine

  8. First, I am so sorry that you’ve been up and down lately. I have times like that, I think as humans ans moms we all do. I just want to give you a big hug.

    So, how do I take care of myself on icky days? Well..TV is a great escape for me, or I text with my best friend and giggle. Sometimes I go shoe shopping and then come up with outfits to wear hem with, jewelry included or I snuggle with the boys.. Listening to them and their wild stories always makes me smile (unless They are really driving me nuts) sometimes I just have the big cleasening cry that I probably need…I’m never tooo proud to admit when I’m not handling things. So I cry and then I get up and try again tomorrow.

    Love ya girl! Xo
    Kir recently posted..WOE:Gathering Buttercups: Reason To Rescue

  9. These are all great ideas…reading a good book on my Kindle or having a good cup of coffee always help…or getting outside in my garden is very soothing.
    Natalie recently posted..I’m a Blog Buddy Today!

  10. Also I don’t suffer from depression (other than the occasional PMS related depression) I do like to take long walks and look at things around me. Listen to the birds sing, watch the ducks swim on the lakes or the occasional otter play on the banks of the lake. Being outside and watching nature take its course makes me relax and smile. It’s a great pick me up. I also like to grab my camera and jsut start shooting…
    Susi recently posted..Finnigan the cat

  11. I love this, Rach. Very inspiring. And love the glass of wine with piece of dark chocolate idea.
    Missy | Literal Mom recently posted..Literal Mom Monday – Mercy, revisited

  12. For me, it’s:

    1 Going for a drive
    2 Taking photographs of random things
    3 Playing with my children
    4 Writing
    5 Reading
    6 Talking to my friens
    7 Planning my latest project
    8 A nice hot bubble bath
    9 Chocolate! Just chocolate
    10 A snooze
    Michelle Willis (@Flower_mammy) recently posted..The Untravelled Road

  13. A lovely and inspiring idea! Big hug for you & Alexandra!!

    My two usual moves:
    1. Bubble bath with a glass of red wine and my Kindle is my GO-TO move on a tough day.
    2. Writing–whether it’s on the blog, in my notebook of letters to Jax, an email to a friend, or in my diary. It just feels good to get it out of my head. Or to simply get out of my head. 🙂
    Jaime recently posted..Life Well Lived

  14. I watch episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I’ve, um, seen the first 3 seasons about 18 times.

    A good book or a walk in the sunshine are great too.
    Robin | Farewell, Stranger recently posted..Pregnancy is an Evolutionary Oops

  15. Great read and advice.

    It’s been a while since I’ve had to mess with depression….but I’m smart enough to know it kinda sits back waiting to see me thrive, then it pounces.

    If it’s heavy and hard to get out of bed…a good, funny chick flick.

    If it’s light and just kinda ‘woe-is-me’…a good walk downtown. Something about the traffic and people-watching that really makes me re-focus and see I’m really better than I want to think.
    Carrie recently posted..Boobs and hair ain’t the only things big in Texas.

  16. I lie right down on the ground and let out a good cry!

  17. Force yourself to do something that you enjoy doing once a day. Force.
    I scrapbook. Yea, I’m a dork like that.
    Kimberly recently posted..Spring Cleaning: Green Works Giveaway

  18. This is all so very familiar. Thank you so much for this lovely idea! I love a hot chai latte and a moment alone to write or read. Or a long, steamy hot shower. *sigh* It’s funny what things become treats at this stage in life, but they are still oh so important.
    Julia recently posted..Drive, Laugh, Love

  19. Snugglin’ with my pup always cheers me up. 🙂
    Rach recently posted..Such a great weekend!

  20. Look at you just doing what you are doing and all this blog love 🙂
    Friends, friends make a difference!
    By Word of Mouth Musings recently posted..Green Eggs and Ham, no, its Clomid and Spam

  21. This is a wonderful list! I love to listen Laura Story’s latest CD. It is filled with mood changing music.
    JDaniel4’s Mom recently posted..Pause Life for a Moment- Literal Mom

  22. Thank you for posting this and sharing your list! I needed to read this today!
    Starle recently posted..I’m a dork and my kids are racists. Help me.

  23. I don’t suffer from depression but I do have days where I’m down. I think relaxing or doing something out of the ordinary helps me feel better. It’s also nice to get out in the sun if the weather is good. Sunshine always makes me happy.
    Jessica recently posted..Potty Tricks

  24. Well, I start with a shower. Then coffee. And I make sure my house is clean (messy bed, messy head) and then if I’m still all @#&*!, I find someone on Twitter to acknowledge my existence.

    Also, music helps. Just not sad music!
    Julie recently posted..It was bound to happen

  25. What a great post, Rach!

    When I’m down, putting on some music I can sing to helps tremendously. Oddly, so does getting my surroundings in order. If my house is cluttered, so is my mind. So I crank the music and do a little tidying up. After that, some kind of treat is always nice. A big glass of wine, a great TV show and I’m a much happier girl.
    Just Jennifer recently posted..Did You Know? Paying it Forward

  26. I just love this list Rach! I think it’s so great to have a list in your head because when you’re feeling down like that it’s a struggle to even come up with something let alone do it. For me I could add to this list – doing something outside with the kids – at the time it feels torturous and impossible but once I’m out there and I hear them breathing in fresh air, I feel accomplished and like a good mom. Big hugs to you my friend.

  27. This is awesome. Although I do not suffer with depression, I’ve been having a hard time lately doing things just for me that will be a break from all my “work”. I think this is all part of the change from being a working Mom to a stay-at-home Mom. I feel so much guilt when I even sit down for a few minutes. I’ve barely picked up a book in months. There is always SOMETHING I should be doing so I feel guilty when I am not doing something productive. And then, every once in a while I find myself realizing that within the next few weeks I won’t even have the ability to be on my own without a baby. It is kind of overwhelming. Truthfully, I don’t even know what I can list here. Wow. Time for a Mommy’s Night Out, I think.
    Laura recently posted..The Final Stretch

  28. PPD was fortunately very short lived for me, but I sometimes still feel overwhelmed. I get lost in photography when I need me time. It allows me to focus on the little things that are beautiful and block out some of the chaos that surrounds them.
    Kara @ June & Bear recently posted..living room reveal: teal, lime, and gray.